Wedding - Favors, Invitations, Reception, Cake and Planning

homeflowersAre you a bride in the midst of planning your wedding? Have you always dreamed of your perfect wedding? If so, let the intervarsitynw.org help you narrow down the things you are going to want that will ensure that you pull off the wedding of your dreams.

With intervarsitynw.org, you can find out all kinds of information on various wedding aspects including: designers, planners, cakes, themes, etc. Are you concerned about your wedding date and if it’s the best time of the year for you to get married? Do you wonder if you should have a bridal registry? No matter what your concern is, this website will be all the information you need to pull off one of the biggest days in your life.

There’s no longer a need to plan your big day by yourself. Let intervarsitynw.org be your guide to making your day as special as you always dreamed it would be.

Planning Your Wedding Favors

Wehomepagefavorsdding favors are a small but important detail at any wedding. The little gifts are a simple way that the bride and groom can show their gratitude to each guest for witnessing their special day. It is necessary to plan the favors along with the rest of the wedding to ensure the theme matches. If you already have a theme in place, you are ready to shop for the favors. Many stores provide a wide array of wedding favors to match many different themes. Seasonal weddings should have matching seasonal favors. A summer wedding could have beach-themed favors and an autumn wedding may have a warm color palette to go with the season’s oranges and reds. The size of the favor may vary with the budget of the wedding and that will factor into your selection as well. Online stores are an excellent option for many couples. A wide variety of wedding favors can be found without traveling to numerous amounts of stores. To ensure that your favors are given and received with convenience you should plan out all aspects and to assist you with planning the perfect favors, be sure to refer to our pages of advice on the subject.

Wedding Reception Preparations

The wedding reception is almost as special as the wedding itself, so why not start your new lives off together with a big celebration? If you want a reception that has your guests talking for years to come, you’ll want to make sure you have all the plans in place for a spectacular party. After all, the wedding is one of the biggest events of your life together as a couple. So when you begin planning the post-ceremony celebration, you’ll want to have an idea of how many people might attend. This will help when trying to narrow down a proper venue. Next, you’ll want to plan a party that reflects your taste as a couple. After you lock in your guest list and venue, it’s time to figure out what kind of food you’d like to have served at your reception. Don’t forget to solicit help in setting up for the reception. Many venues offer services to help the couple decorate beforehand. And of course, to help you every step of the way, we're here with a ton of tips and advice for planning your wedding reception.

Wedding Invitations: Do It Yourself

Wedding invitationsinvitations are supposed to be elegant... lovely... things of beauty... perfect. Therefore, one must have them professionally created, right? Not necessarily! As technology makes it possible, more and more people are infusing a bit of their own personalities into their wedding invites and cards by creating their own. As you go about creating your own invitations, the first step is to select an attractive paper stock. Then it's time to get creative with borders, clip art, fonts, photos and perhaps even a couple of hand-painted add-ons for flare. You should always remember that "tasteful" is the key word, though. You can also consider personalizing the invitations a bit further by adding something such as a dried flower, a small, attractive ribbon, or perhaps even a small seashell. These extra touches will give the invitations a feeling of being a hand-made yet memorable keepsake. As you're personalizing the invitations, you'll want to also add your own personal touch to the envelopes that you'll be using to mail out the cards. Inside our pages, we offer lots of advice on selecting the right invitations and if you choose to create your own, advice on how to do so in an attractive, memorable way.

Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

homepage cakeLet's be honest: A wedding cake is more than just a dessert to be enjoyed at your wedding reception. In fact, more pictures will be taken of your cake than almost anything at the reception, other than the bride and groom themselves. For this and other reasons, you'll want to make sure your cake uniquely reflects you, the couple. As you're planning your cake, you'll want to take into consideration the number of guests you expect (It would be a near tragedy to not have enough cake for everyone at the reception and remember, it's traditional for every guest to take a piece of cake home with them), the theme of the wedding (The cake should coordinate with it) and the ingredients (should be something the couple enjoys but also something most guests will enjoy). Taking these three elements in mind still gives you plenty of room for creativity. You can go with a traditional tiered cake or something unexpected: What about a fruitcake? Or a delicious Cheesecake? On this web site, we hope we can help you plan the perfect cake that reflects the vision you have for your wedding and wedding reception. It's time to get creative with borders, clip art, fonts, photos and perhaps even a couple of hand-painted add-ons for flare. You should always remember that "tasteful" is the key word, though. You can also consider personalizing the invitations a bit further by adding something such as a dried flower, a small, attractive ribbon, or perhaps even a small sash.

homepageweddingplannerOnce the ring is given and the proposal is accepted, one other big decision awaits a bride and groom-to-be: to hire a wedding planner or to not hire a wedding planner. When you hire a professional to help coordinate your wedding you get someone who will take care of the hundreds of wedding details such as ordering flowers, haggling with DJs, interviewing photographers, sampling menus and scouting out venues. But it also means relinquishing control of all the details that will make up one of the most important days of you and your mate's lives. It means you might not get the exact wedding that you had envisioned, but rather, someone else's interpretation. Plus, many couples find that planning their special day together provides a bonding experience. Still, planning a wedding involves dealing with a lot of vendors, including wedding dresses as well as other countless issues. In the pages on this website, we hope you'll find all the information you need to help you decide whether to hire a professional planner or do it yourself and if you decide to do it yourself, we think you'll find lots of helpful planning guides to assist you through the process.