A Great Porsche from the Past

Porsche has always been a beloved name among automobile enthusiasts. When it comes to the classics, everyone has their favorites. For some it is one or two models and for others it is several. Ultimately there is one single favorite for each individual. Think Continental and then think Porsche 356. This is a classic which is far from easily forgotten. It has its own history, like all the Porsche classics do. Once America got a hold on this vehicle, a new trend started and car manufacturing shifted gears into the streamlined era. Sleek and beautiful became the new standard for sports cars all over the world. America was and still is daunted by these fast little cars.

With all of the 356 convertibles and coupes on the Porsche market, one importer made the decision to call them all “Continentals” as a means of emphasizing the fact that these are international sports cars made in Germany. The emphasis is on European design to infiltrate the bland designs from America, or so it was at the time. The 356 took America by storm, in a manner of speaking. The cars badged as Continental were all of the top-line models with every little extra you could imagine. The badge itself has the signature Porsche script and logo and it is placed on top of the front wings. Such incredible craftsmanship and mechanics were and are meant to be respected.

The fact of the matter is, very few of these special Continental models for this car were built. Even still, very few remain in good condition but you can certainly find them if you do a little homework. See the different options around the country and you may just find one of these classics with the badge. Then you are definitely a classic Porsche owner.